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Step 1 into the world of blogging: Short Introduction

My name is Magdalena Sophie, I am a passionate food blogger and traveler and also very interested in science. Therefore I study pharmacy at the beautiful university of Vienna. I share my passion for cooking and baking with my wonderful flat mate and friend-for-life Fiona. The neighbours sometimes say, that we are crazy…but you just can’t have enough cake, can you?

In 2014/2015 I was also privileged to go on a Rotary Youth Exchange to Australia. Holy moly- it was not only amazing, it was far better than that. I did not only fall in love with the country, I made many, many international friends AND, additionally, became part of four super host families. Isn’t that awesome? For me it definitely is!

Baking is love, baking is life. That applies to me every single day. When I stay for a weekend at my parent’s house, they always use to say that i fatten them. So yeah, I try to make more healthy recipes now…and cake (but for my friends only) Working in the kitchen not only calms me down when being stressed, it also brings so much joy to my everyday life.